Powerhouse Gym Clarkston

Events at this location


20mar7:45 amSpin 45

20mar8:30 amPowerhouse Pump

20mar10:15 amDance and Fit

20mar11:15 amSilver Sneakers

20mar6:30 pmDance and Fit

21mar7:00 amSpin 45

21mar8:30 amStep n Strength

21mar10:15 amThrive

21mar5:45 pmSpin 45

22mar6:00 amPowerhouse Pump

22mar8:00 amSpin 45

22mar9:00 amShredIT!

22mar10:15 amSilver Sneakers

22mar6:30 pmDance and Fit

23mar6:00 amSpin 45

23mar8:30 amHIIT

23mar10:15 amThrive

23mar5:30 pmBootcamp

24mar8:30 amShredIT!

24mar10:15 amThrive

25mar9:00 amDance and Fit

27mar7:45 amSpin 45

27mar8:30 amPowerhouse Pump

27mar10:15 amDance and Fit

27mar11:15 amSilver Sneakers

27mar6:30 pmDance and Fit

28mar7:00 amSpin 45

28mar8:30 amStep n Strength

28mar10:15 amThrive

28mar5:45 pmSpin 45

29mar6:00 amPowerhouse Pump

29mar8:00 amSpin 45

29mar9:00 amShredIT!

29mar10:15 amSilver Sneakers

29mar6:30 pmDance and Fit

30mar6:00 amSpin 45

30mar8:30 amHIIT

30mar10:15 amThrive

30mar5:30 pmBootcamp

31mar8:30 amShredIT!

31mar10:15 amThrive


01apr9:00 amDance and Fit

03apr7:45 amSpin 45

03apr8:30 amPowerhouse Pump

03apr10:15 amDance and Fit

03apr11:15 amSilver Sneakers

03apr6:30 pmDance and Fit

04apr7:00 amSpin 45

04apr8:30 amStep n Strength

04apr10:15 amThrive

04apr5:45 pmSpin 45

05apr6:00 amPowerhouse Pump

05apr8:00 amSpin 45

05apr9:00 amShredIT!

05apr10:15 amSilver Sneakers

05apr6:30 pmDance and Fit

06apr6:00 amSpin 45

06apr8:30 amHIIT

06apr10:15 amThrive

06apr5:30 pmBootcamp

07apr8:30 amShredIT!

07apr10:15 amThrive

08apr9:00 amDance and Fit

10apr7:45 amSpin 45

10apr8:30 amPowerhouse Pump

10apr10:15 amDance and Fit

10apr11:15 amSilver Sneakers

10apr6:30 pmDance and Fit

11apr7:00 amSpin 45

11apr8:30 amStep n Strength

11apr10:15 amThrive

11apr5:45 pmSpin 45

12apr6:00 amPowerhouse Pump

12apr8:00 amSpin 45

12apr9:00 amShredIT!

12apr10:15 amSilver Sneakers

12apr6:30 pmDance and Fit

13apr6:00 amSpin 45

13apr8:30 amHIIT

13apr10:15 amThrive

13apr5:30 pmBootcamp

14apr8:30 amShredIT!

14apr10:15 amThrive

15apr9:00 amDance and Fit