Powerhouse Gym Novi

Events at this location


27mar5:30 amBoot Camp!

27mar8:30 amLes Mills BodyCombat

27mar8:30 amLes Mills RPM

27mar9:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

27mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

27mar9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

27mar9:30 amSlow Burn Yoga

27mar10:30 amZumba

27mar6:00 pmLes Mills BodyPump

27mar6:00 pmLes Mills RPM

27mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

27mar6:00 pmSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

27mar7:00 pmLes Mills BodyBalance

27mar7:00 pmZumba

28mar5:30 amHIIT

28mar8:30 amCycling

28mar8:30 amZumba

28mar9:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

28mar9:30 amVinyasa Yoga

28mar9:30 amCardio Barre

28mar9:30 amAcquapole

28mar10:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

28mar12:00 pmLes Mills RPM

28mar5:00 pmButts and Guts

28mar6:00 pmHIIT Cycling

28mar6:00 pmSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

28mar6:15 pmCardio Kickboxing!

28mar6:30 pmHatha Yoga

28mar6:30 pmAqua Aerobics

28mar7:30 pmZumba

29mar5:30 amKettlebell Boot Camp

29mar8:30 amReps Over Rest

29mar9:15 amCycling

29mar9:30 am10 Rounds

29mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

29mar9:30 amSlow Burn Yoga

29mar10:30 amButts and Guts

29mar12:00 pmLes Mills RPM

29mar5:00 pmPowerflex

29mar6:00 pmHealthy Backs Yoga

29mar6:00 pmStrong Nation

29mar6:00 pmSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

29mar6:30 pmAqua Aerobics

29mar7:00 pmZumba

29mar7:00 pmPilates

30mar5:30 amCycling

30mar5:30 amR.I.P.P.E.D.

30mar8:45 amStrong Nation

30mar9:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

30mar9:15 amCycling

30mar9:30 amZumba

30mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

30mar9:30 amVinyasa Yoga

30mar10:45 amTabata

30mar5:00 pmCardio Kickboxing!

30mar6:00 pmSlow Flow Fusion Yoga

30mar6:00 pmLes Mills RPM

30mar6:00 pmSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

30mar6:00 pmLes Mills BodyPump

30mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

30mar7:00 pmZumba

31mar5:30 amBoot Camp!

31mar8:30 amLes Mills BodyCombat

31mar8:30 amLes Mills RPM

31mar9:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

31mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

31mar9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

31mar10:30 amZumba

31mar12:00 pmLes Mills RPM

31mar5:15 pmHealthy Backs Yoga

31mar6:00 pmPilates

31mar6:00 pmLes Mills BodyPump

31mar6:45 pmLes Mills BodyAttack

31mar7:00 pmYoga


01apr8:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

01apr9:30 amAqua Aerobics

01apr9:30 amCycling

01apr9:30 amZumba

01apr9:45 amHealthy Backs Yoga

01apr10:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

01apr10:30 amMaxx Fit

01apr10:30 amPilates

01apr11:30 amCardio Latin Dance

02apr9:30 amCycling

02apr9:30 amLes Mills BodyCombat

02apr10:30 amTabata

02apr11:30 amZumba

02apr12:00 pmAthletic Yoga

03apr5:30 amBoot Camp!

03apr8:30 amLes Mills BodyCombat

03apr8:30 amLes Mills RPM

03apr9:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

03apr9:30 amSlow Burn Yoga

03apr9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

03apr9:30 amAqua Aerobics

03apr10:30 amZumba

03apr6:00 pmLes Mills BodyPump

03apr6:00 pmLes Mills RPM

03apr6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

03apr7:00 pmLes Mills BodyBalance

03apr7:00 pmZumba

04apr5:30 amHIIT

04apr8:30 amCycling

04apr8:30 amZumba

04apr9:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

04apr9:30 amAcquapole

04apr9:30 amVinyasa Yoga

04apr9:30 amCardio Barre

04apr10:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

04apr12:00 pmLes Mills RPM

04apr6:00 pmYin Yoga

04apr6:00 pmSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

04apr6:15 pmCardio Kickboxing!

04apr6:30 pmAqua Aerobics

04apr7:30 pmZumba

05apr5:30 amKettlebell Boot Camp

05apr8:30 amReps Over Rest

05apr9:15 amCycling

05apr9:30 amAqua Aerobics

05apr9:30 am10 Rounds

05apr9:30 amSlow Burn Yoga

05apr10:30 amButts and Guts

05apr12:00 pmLes Mills RPM

05apr5:00 pmPowerflex

05apr6:00 pmHealthy Backs Yoga

05apr6:00 pmStrong Nation

05apr6:30 pmAqua Aerobics

05apr7:00 pmPilates

05apr7:00 pmZumba

06apr5:30 amR.I.P.P.E.D.

06apr5:30 amCycling

06apr8:45 amStrong Nation

06apr9:00 amSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

06apr9:15 amCycling

06apr9:30 amVinyasa Yoga

06apr9:30 amZumba

06apr9:30 amAqua Aerobics

06apr10:45 amTabata

06apr5:00 pmCardio Kickboxing!

06apr6:00 pmYin Yoga

06apr6:00 pmLes Mills RPM

06apr6:00 pmLes Mills BodyPump

06apr6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

06apr6:00 pmSmall Group Training - POWERHOUSE PLUS

06apr7:00 pmZumba

07apr5:30 amBoot Camp!