Powerhouse Gym West Bloomfield

Events at this location


20mar5:15 amCircuit training

20mar6:00 amLes Mills Sprint

20mar6:30 amHIIT ($)

20mar7:15 amBetter Backs

20mar8:30 amStrength and Tone

20mar9:00 amLes Mills RPM

20mar9:30 amStrictly Strength ($)

20mar9:30 amRestorative Yoga

20mar9:30 amBarre

20mar5:00 pmLes Mills BodyPump

20mar6:00 pmCycle

20mar6:00 pmStrictly Strength ($)

20mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

20mar6:00 pmPilates

20mar6:00 pmBag Boxing gloves recommended

20mar7:00 pmYin Yoga

21mar5:15 amLes Mills Sprint

21mar6:00 amYoga

21mar6:00 amLes Mills BodyPump

21mar8:30 amTurn Up

21mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

21mar9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

21mar10:30 amBody Combat Express

21mar5:15 pmBody Pump Express

21mar6:00 pmBody Combat Express

21mar6:00 pmPower Yoga

21mar6:00 pmCycle

21mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

21mar6:45 pmButts and Guts

21mar7:30 pmRestorative Yoga

22mar5:15 amCircuit training

22mar6:00 amBag Boxing gloves recommended

22mar6:45 amHIIT ($)

22mar7:15 amBetter Backs

22mar9:00 amLes Mills Sprint

22mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

22mar9:30 amUpper Body and Core

22mar9:30 amRestorative Yoga

22mar10:15 amStrong Nation

22mar6:00 pmHIIT ($)

22mar6:00 pmBody Attack Express

22mar6:00 pmCycle

22mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

22mar6:45 pmBody Pump Express

22mar7:00 pmLes Mills BodyBalance

23mar5:15 amLes Mills Sprint

23mar6:00 amYoga

23mar6:00 amLes Mills BodyPump

23mar6:45 amHIIT ($)

23mar8:30 amBody Attack Express

23mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

23mar9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

23mar9:30 amPilates

23mar10:30 amBody Combat Express

23mar10:30 amYoga

23mar5:15 pmBody Combat Express

23mar6:00 pmCycle

23mar6:00 pmBoot Camp!

23mar6:00 pmPower Yoga

23mar6:30 pm$ Functional Training Lower Body

23mar6:45 pmButts and Guts

23mar7:30 pmPower Yoga

24mar5:15 amCircuit training

24mar6:30 amCardio Blast ($)

24mar8:30 amButts and Guts

24mar9:00 amLes Mills RPM

24mar9:15 amBag Boxing gloves recommended

24mar9:30 amStrictly Strength ($)

24mar10:00 amHIIT Strength

24mar11:00 amBetter Backs

24mar6:00 pmRestorative Yoga

24mar6:00 pmBody Pump Express

24mar6:45 pmLes Mills Core

25mar8:00 amHIIT ($)

25mar8:30 amLes Mills Core

25mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

25mar9:30 amCycle

25mar9:30 amRestorative Yoga

25mar10:30 amBag Boxing gloves recommended

26mar8:30 amZumba

26mar9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

26mar10:00 amCycle

26mar10:00 amYoga

26mar10:30 amLes Mills Core

26mar11:00 amPowerflex

26mar12:00 pmYoga

27mar5:15 amCircuit training

27mar6:00 amLes Mills Sprint

27mar6:30 amHIIT ($)

27mar7:15 amBetter Backs

27mar8:30 amStrength and Tone

27mar9:00 amLes Mills RPM

27mar9:30 amStrictly Strength ($)

27mar9:30 amBarre

27mar9:30 amRestorative Yoga

27mar5:00 pmLes Mills BodyPump

27mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

27mar6:00 pmPilates

27mar6:00 pmCycle

27mar6:00 pmBag Boxing gloves recommended

27mar6:00 pmStrictly Strength ($)

27mar7:00 pmYin Yoga

28mar5:15 amLes Mills Sprint

28mar6:00 amLes Mills BodyPump

28mar6:00 amYoga

28mar8:30 amTurn Up

28mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

28mar9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

28mar10:30 amBody Combat Express

28mar5:15 pmBody Pump Express

28mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

28mar6:00 pmBody Combat Express

28mar6:00 pmCycle

28mar6:00 pmPower Yoga

28mar6:45 pmButts and Guts

28mar7:30 pmRestorative Yoga

29mar5:15 amCircuit training

29mar6:00 amBag Boxing gloves recommended

29mar6:45 amHIIT ($)

29mar7:15 amBetter Backs

29mar9:00 amLes Mills Sprint

29mar9:30 amUpper Body and Core

29mar9:30 amRestorative Yoga

29mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

29mar10:15 amStrong Nation

29mar6:00 pmHIIT ($)

29mar6:00 pmBody Attack Express

29mar6:00 pmCycle

29mar6:00 pmAqua Aerobics

29mar6:45 pmBody Pump Express

29mar7:00 pmLes Mills BodyBalance

30mar5:15 amLes Mills Sprint

30mar6:00 amYoga

30mar6:00 amLes Mills BodyPump

30mar6:45 amHIIT ($)

30mar8:30 amBody Attack Express

30mar9:30 amAqua Aerobics

30mar9:30 amPilates

30mar9:30 amLes Mills BodyPump

30mar10:30 amBody Combat Express

30mar10:30 amYoga

30mar5:15 pmBody Combat Express

30mar6:00 pmPower Yoga

30mar6:00 pmCycle